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Rocsanne was born in Romania many years ago, when communism was still the way of life in her country.  She desired to escape the communism and find more about a freer way of life in the West.  For this, she left Romania as a tourist, and never looked back.  Her education includes Geological Engineering and Construction Estimating, thus being able to find work wherever she went.  During all these years she wrote short stories, mostly about the people she met, finding them extremely interesting.  But always she was sure she will write a novel someday.

After she retired, she finally found the time to transform her dream into reality, and four novels in the Historical Romance genre were written, one connected to the next through their common heroes and heroines.   And here she found herself in a quandary — where to send the banished sorcerer — the solution to her fourth novel, in which Edmund, the evil sorcerer is banished by his enemies, and disappears in thin air.

She can say that inspiration comes from the most extraordinary places.  In this case it was the TV, watching an animated movie for children.  Forgotten was the romance, and children, together with their parents became the new heroes.  When you read the book, please do not forget to leave your opinion of it behind. Rocsanne would love to hear what you have to say.

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