Peanut Butter — Friend or Foe?

Free photo from Google search
Free photo from Google search

Peanut butter — a treat to die for!  We love it smooth or crunchy, with a fork or with a spoon…  So tasty, luscious, enticing…

I remember the time when the first mother demanded the proscription of peanut butter from the school where her allergic son was going, and the general outcry against the idea!

She won and now most schools operate under zero acceptance of peanut butter on the premises.  I think the posession of epipens is a must as well.  But we, the peanut butter eaters cannot care less… until tragedy strikes.

A friend of a friend of mine has a little girl, Ann, who goes to such a school.  She eats peanut butter sandwiches at home, but does not take them at school.

Ann has a best friend, Carly, in same school, same class with Ann, but her parents do not let Carly out for Halloween Trick or Treating.  So Ann decided to share her bounty with her friend.

Generosity might kill!

All parents try to imbue the children with sharing qualities.  Who among us can judge little Ann’s decision to share her Trick or Treat bounty with her best friend?

And so it came that next day after Halloween, Ann took several Reese’s cookies with her to school.  Her parents did not know, her teacher did not know…  At lunch bresk, tragedy struck!

Little Carly got so sick, paramedics were called, Carly was whisked to the hospital…

Everybody took a long sigh of relief when they found out little Carly was responding to medication and everything was under control.

Imagine how little Ann was feeling during this agitated episode…  She had just wanted to share…

Now she knows why Carly never went Trick or Treating.

Let us make sure all children know about the dangers of allergies and the do’s and don’t’s related to them Continue reading “Peanut Butter — Friend or Foe?”

About Tasers

Lethal weapon
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Last evening, while watching the news, I heard about the mysterious death of a tasered guy.

Mysterious my foot. Tasers are dangerous electrocuting weapons.

With my thanks to Wikipedia, here is a definition and description of tasers: “A Taser or conducted electrical weapon is an electroshock weapon sold by Taser International. It fires two small dart-like electrodes, which stay connected to the main unit by conductors, to deliver electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing “neuromuscular incapacitation”. Someone struck by a Taser experiences over-stimulation of sensory nerves and motor nerves, resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions.”

Sounds politically correct — you are bad, you get punished!

The problem stsrts when the “electrocuted person” decides that enough is enough and curles up and dies!

Why did he/she die? no beating was involved, no fire arms were fired — however, the victim is as dead as dead can be!


Did you ever hear that your heart is a muscle? A muscle that beats non-stop for the duration of your life? Your entire life?

If you are young and think yourself invincible (been there, done that), think a moment about your heart.
It too needs rest — not total and abso;ute, like in death, but with a bit of consideretion from us, rest from extreme effort and substance abuse (and you could include here a multitude of things, like tobacco, alcohol, drugs (legal or not)), and let’s not forget JUNK food! All these are adding on the stress we submit our hearts to but we do not think of it as something of importance until we get an electroshock. Lightning may be a source, or stepping on a live wire in the rain, or being tasered!

Let’s go back to the definition part that says: “A Taser delivers electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing “neuromuscular incapacitation”. Someone struck by a Taser experiences over-stimulation of sensory nerves and motor nerves, resulting in strong involuntary muscle contractions.”

We do not know what is happening inside our bodies, but all our actions have repercussion. Bad food, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc. add up and start making small deposits of gunk on the walls of our arteries. I know — I have them and I’m paying for my youthful excesses. So I took a course of “self defense” — how to protect myself against sudden death caused by heart failure.

I know, you are too young to think about such dire things, but, nevertheless, an ounce of prevention….

At this course, a doctor cardiologist came to explain to us what happens inside our arteries. So you think I’m changing subject? Not at all — arteries carry blood with Oxigen to the heart. Heart needs to eat and breath in order to function. Like a person. Cut the Oxigen and the blood supply and the heart dies, and you with your heart as well.

So, all the gunk we put into our bodies is carried by blood to the heart. When too much gunk, it starts being deposited in the arteries walls forming solid plaque. Its role is to protect the arteries, or at least that was their original role. In time, arteries become rigid and blood presure goes up when we make an effort that requires more blood to be pumped in the same amount of time. An involuntary contraction of the heart muscle will pump enormous amounts of blood all at once and the arteries may burst under presure, like an old, cracked hose, and here you have “unknown reason of deatr” in young tasered people!

Aside from bursting an important blood vessel, there is another way to find the way to heaven through tasering.

There is the hardening of arteries, and there is a soft plaque that nobody bothers to mention or measure. It is inside the artery, deposited directly from the blood flow overcharged with substance garbage. Did I say it is unstable?

Do you think the good policeman asks for your bill of health before tasering you? You get it and the same muscular spasm (involuntary, remember?) disturbs the gunk that explodes from its precarious place and travels through your body till it is too big Continue reading “About Tasers”